Courier bid is set the become the revolutionary new courier platform. We need your help deliver this fantastic new service to a city near you. Our crowdfunding campaign launches on June 5th 2017 and will use the LeoCrowd where you get rewards, prizes and more for pledging your support!


Courier Bid is free and gives you the best price every time. With unlimited listings, an easy-to-use platform and a free app, Courier Bid is The Smarter Courier Solution for your business.

  • Pledge £25 - Get 40 Courier Bid Credits (Equal To £40).
  • Pledge £50 - Get 100 Courier Bid Credits (Equal To £100) + Free Entry Into A Prize Draw To Win An iPhone + iPad!


Tired of complicated courier platforms, getting undercut, and bidding wars? Win more business with Courier Bid - the easy-to-use private bidding platform for reputable couriers.

  • Pledge £50 - Get 1 Month’s Membership Worth £35.99 + A £50 Courier Bid Insurance Voucher.
  • Pledge £150 - Get 6 Month’s Membership Worth £215.94.
  • Pledge £250 - Get 1 Year Exclusive Membership Worth £431.88 + Free Entry Into A Prize Draw To Win An iPhone + iPad!

Get Involved

Register on interest below to see how you could get involved and what rewards are available.

Be Rewarded For Your Support

As part of wanting to launch this UK wide we need support to raise the money to do so. The good news is that by pledging your support you get rewarded and actually end up saving money!

Businesses / Customers


Do you really know how much you could be saving on your deliveries? Get 40 Courier Bid Credits (£40 equivalent) and see just how much time and money you will save with Courier Bid.


Save time and money on shipping your goods. Get 100 Courier Bid Credits (£100 equivalent) + a FREE entry into our prize draw to win an ipad and iphone to help you work on the move.

Couriers / Transporters

Get 1 months Membership worth £35.99 (17% savings) + Get a £50.00 voucher code to use on courier insurance at Courier Bid Insurance.co.uk.


Courier, Haulier, Removals? - Get 6 months membership worth £215.94 (31% Savings) and receive jobs posted directly from our business members.


The Ultimate reward - Get 1 Year exclusive membership worth £431.88 (42% Savings) + a FREE entry into our prize draw to win an ipad + iPhone to help you work on the move.

Courier with whiteboard

Why Choose Courier Bid?

Courier Bid is setting new standards in the transportation industry, meaning real benefits for customers and couriers.

Domestic & Business Customers

  • Completely FREE!
  • Best price every time
  • Unlimited listings
  • Easy to use
  • Live notifications on all your activities
  • FREE app – keep up to date with all your deliveries
  • Exclusive member benefits

Couriers & Transporters

  • Win jobs from customers and other couriers
  • Find reliable sub-contractors
  • FREE app, so you never miss a job
  • Affordable fees
  • Private bids – no bidding wars
  • Get paid on your terms
  • Exclusive member benefits

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